Agi has a broad background in training, teaching and competing that includes combined training, hunter/jumpers, driving and dressage with a diversity of breeds, including Arabians, Morgans, Thoroughbreds, Draft Crosses and Warmbloods. She has enjoyed many years of starting young horses, as well as retraining Thoroughbreds off of the racetrack to compete in combined training. Agi competed to Preliminary in combined training on horses that she retrained after their careers on the racetrack ended. During her years competing in combined training, Agi trained with top eventing trainers such as Derek Di Grazia, Yves Sauvignon, Noel Parker-Ortiz, Don Sachey, and Sally O’Connor.

      In recent years, Agi’s main focus has been on instructing students as well as training and competing horses in dressage. Having earned her Bronze medal in 2005, and working towards her goal of Silver and Gold medals, she continues to enhance and develop her knowledge as an instructor and a competitor by attending USDF educational programs. She pursues ongoing education through regular lessons, workshops, and seminars with trainers Elizabeth Hendrix, Charles DeKunffy, Conrad Schumacher, Lilo Fore, Axel Steiner, Mary Wanless, and Sandy Howard. Her students are encouraged to attend these educational forums, as well, so that they have the opportunity to expand their riding “horizons”.

     Agi believes that in order to excel in any discipline or sport, a person must take an active role in maintaining his or her own physical fitness. In order for a rider to “demonstrate” to the horse the idea of self-carriage, a rider must be in self-carriage in their own body. Through Pilates, swimming and aerobic exercise, Agi works daily on the fitness required of an excellent rider. She encourages her students to join her in activities that will build their fitness level so that they can perform better as a rider and achieve their goals in partnership with their horse.

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