Agi offers a well-rounded lesson/training program – from schooling your horse at home to coaching at horse shows. Whether it be in preparation for competition, or riders seeking to improve their seat/body position, lessons are tailored for riders at all ability levels.

Lunge lessons, with emphasis on rider position, build a secure, effective and correct position. Instruction in body awareness and physical fitness helps to develop a balanced rider that has positive influence over the horse’s balance.

Agi offers training for young to mature horses, developing a program suitable for each individual horse’s ability level and level of maturity.

Her training consists of dressage as the foundation for training of any discipline or breed. While preserving the purity of the natural gaits, this training presents a horse that is reliable, willing, obedient and responsive.

Full training, half training, weekly lessons, or lesson packages are available - with more than one combination of both available to students/horses to support their individual goals.

Please contact Agi to discuss your riding/training goals at (415)269-9184, or e-mail

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